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Staged Homes Sell 73% Faster


Invest a little bit of money, get HUGE Returns!

More than 5 million homes sold in 2018 and 2019 is looking strong as well.


For home sellers, this is excellent news — it’s easier to command high prices when the housing market expands.  However, there’s another way to increase your home’s value as well.

Through a process known as “home staging”, sellers can invest a little bit of money into their sale and earn themselves a huge, huge return.

Furthermore, according to the Real Estate Staging Association, homes which are staged before going on the market sell 73% faster, on average, than their non-staged counterparts.

The real estate market is competitive and sellers should always be looking for ways to gain an edge over the competition.

One way to “beat the competition” is to sell your home on the cheap.


A lower sale price versus comparable homes will attract offers from buyers, no doubt, but you’ll net less cash than if you had priced your home at its actual market value.

Another way to make your home stand out is to make expensive home improvements prior to listing for sale.


Replacing your home’s kitchen or bathrooms can add to the property’s value, but making renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. There’s also no guarantee your improvements will attract buyers.

A third, and often better, approach is to “stage” your home for sale.


Many homeowners are familiar with the concept of home staging, thanks to reality television. Home staging is the art of preparing a home for sale.

Via home staging, you aim to improve the flow of your home, to eliminate clutter, and to make your home appear bigger and brighter.


A professional home stager is an expert in the art of preparing homes for sale.


And, because most buyers now begin their home searches online, having your home professional staged appropriately can be crucial toward that first step of attracting an interested buyer.


An non-staged home can present worse in photographs as compared to a staged one. Staged homes are often more likely to get a walk-through.

Save $500.00 on Staging Services Today!

 Void where prohibited. IHD reserves the right to refuse service. Only applicable in VA, DC and MD

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We Treat Your Home, As If It Were Our Own

Our team of professional and accredited stagers, movers and contractors, will treat your home as if it were our own, throughout the staging process.

With a wide selection of furniture, bedding, decor, florals, and artwork, our inventory is hand selected to elevate your home to sell for more.

Our movers take extra care to ensure your home is well taken care of, both during and after the staging process.

Our general contractors have had long lasting relationships with us and our clients, to offer accountability and competitive pricing.

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Home Staging Gets Results




Alexandria, VA

4 bedroom 2 bath

Sold in: 

7 days

Originally listed: 


Sold above list: 





Annandale, VA

5 bedroom 4.5 bath

Sold in: 

6 days

Originally listed: 


Sold above list: 



Great Falls, VA

4 bedroom 3.5 bath

Sold in: 

33 days

Originally listed: 


Sold above list: 




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