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ATTENTION FLIPPERS: “Your rehab is not finished the moment your contractor leaves.”

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Here are few tips to help stage your rehab.

By Paul Esajian, @paul_esajian

After the last trim is painted and the appliances are installed, you have one more crucial step that will ensure you a quick sale, STAGING.


For those who are not familiar with STAGING, Staging is the process of creating an emotional experience that leads sellers to make buying decisions much quicker and easier. Staging is a pivotal element in your real estate investing business that does not take much effort, but yields

in immense benefits. Bottom line – Staging sells your property faster, which allows you to see your profits sooner.


Staging is simple; you want the buyer walking thru the house to envision themselves living there. You want them to visualize where they would put their furniture, where they will have dinner, and enjoy a movie. Staging does not have to be complicated. You can have a lot of fun and showcase your style.

Tip #1: Clean, clean, clean!

Make sure your rehabbed house is clean from all debris, inside and out. You want the house cleaner than if your mother-in-law was coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure you don’t forget the window sills and little nooks and crannies, dry wall dust gets everywhere. Be meticulous in the kitchen and baths. You should feel comfortable eating your next meal off the floor.

Tip #2: Bring a friend or family member.

This person needs to not have an emotional connection to the house. You want an unbiased eye to help highlight the positives and distract from any negatives.

Tip #3: Pick a Staging Point.

Go to each major room in the house (i.e. Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living room) and select an attractive part of the room to highlight. An example in the living room would be a fireplace. Simply put a mirror or painting on the mantel with some candles and a few logs in the fireplace and you just staged! It’s simple as that. Now your buyer is able to visualize enjoying a roaring fire on a chilly winter night in their new house!

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